Why is Tajweed-e-Quran Most Important?



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Tajweed means to make the best, that to read the letters with their correct Makhraj (The place where the letter is articulated from) and with all the necessary Sifaat (Qualities). When we want to learn a language, we must first learn its basics, that we have to learn the grammar of that language, including the alphabet of the language and its correct pronunciation. Then, we will continue to practice and after continuous hard work, we will finally learn that language.

Arabic Language:

When we talk about the Arabic language so generally the majority of people can read Arabic, which they got learned by the holy Quran but we all know that the Arabic language is full of eloquence and rhetoric, and each word and sentence has a broader meaning.

Makharij Of Letters:


If we only talk about the Tajweed and the correct Makharij of letters in Arabic So of course, it will be a challenge because the Arabic reader knows how big and complex mistakes can be made by the wrong Makhraj a letter of the Arabic language. We try to explain to you by giving an example below. We have two letters “ق” and “ک” which will look the same when read, but they both have different Makharij. “ق” comes from the root of the tongue and the soft part of the palate and “ک” from the root of the tongue and the hard part of the palate۔ If we read “ق” to “ک” or “ک” to “ق” then the meanings will change, Now let’s move on to the example.


Mentioned In the 3rd para of the Holy Quran:
وَلٰکِن لِّیَطمَئِنَّ قَلبِی
Translation: “But I want my heart to be satisfied.”
Here if someone reads “ق” with “ک” That is, read “کَلبِی” instead of “قَلبِی” So the translation of this verse will be as follows (نَعُوذُبِاللہ):
Translation: “I want my dog ​​to be satisfied.”

Learn Tajweed-e-Quran:

That is why it is emphasized to read the Holy Quran with tajweed so that such big mistakes do not happen due to lack of knowledge or due to our laziness and negligence. We all know that this era is moving very fast, educational opportunities are becoming more common where students go to educational institutions to acquire knowledge, similarly, online classes are now being offered on smartphones and laptops, etc. A variety of courses are offering through online tutors likewise, online tutors are being set up to spread Islamic education. Online work is being done to disseminate online Quran tutor and other religious information. You can also participate in any type of online course for yourself or your family at home or if you do not know how to recite the Quran with tajweed and you are hesitant to go to an institution and learn the Quran. No matter, you can contact an online Quran tutor.

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