About Us


We were inspired by means of the drastic revolution that era is bringing in the schooling quarter across the world.
Technology in the schooling system is adding convenience, saving costs, increasing efficiency and supporting students in making the maximum productive use in their time.
We are glad to have offered it for a new generation around the globe.

Our Vision

The chance of AR Online Tutor was awakened by the extreme rebellion that advancement is getting the guidance region around the world.Advancement in the instruction division is including solace, saving costs, extending capability and helping understudies in making the most advantageous use of their time.We are satisfied to have propelled it for the understudies and instructors from around the globe.

Our Story

Anwaar-e-Raza online Tutor is a main Virtual Holy Quran and Islamic Studies Institute, founded in 2020, which offers One on One class to students around the globe.

Our publications are designed to meet all age institution needs, such as Children, Adults, and Professionals. Our platform includes qualified, devoted and professional teachers. As a end result our training are conducted in a very smooth, timely, and efficient manner that for this reason translates into ascending development of our character students.

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